The second stage is to type up the three 100 word pieces (preserving the originals) and cut them up into very short phrases and single words, then lay out all the words so that they can be scanned easily. Next assemble the short sequences, intuitively, without worrying about commonsensical things like meaning or narrative.

The first night in London was very difficult for me, then on my way home while I’m jammed in the hot sweaty train all I can think of was my fantasy bed that is not like the traditional water bed. It is made of water that I can actually float and sleep on.

The one thing I was impatiently waiting for all day is when I rest my body on the comfortable mattress of my childhood bed.

The new city welcomed me with cold weather and pouring rain. I even put it among the list of things that I would ask God to grant me when I go to paradise.

Though I don’t know what happened to the remnants of the bed, I still wish I can sleep even for just an hour on my comfortable childhood bed.