Fantasy Bed

Write a final 100 words on a fantasy bed, a bed where money is no object, a bed that can be made of anything you like.
I saw a program when I was a child where there was a water bed and since that day I keep on dreaming of sleeping on this water bed.

I even put it among the list of things that I would ask God to grant me when I go to paradise.

But I don’t want my fantasy bed to be like the traditional water bed. I want it to be made of water that I can actually float and sleep on. Though it would be a bed that doesn’t make you drown...you can sleep on it but the water doesn’t touch your ears, mouth or nose while you’re floating.

I also want it to have relaxing sounds like waterfalls, boat in a river, sounds of birds singing or even drops of rain depends on my mood. I want on top of this bed an open ceiling so you can see the sky with the beautiful stars that shin and dim

This would be my place of relaxation and my sanctuary.

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