Another trial for the previouse exercise....

Gazing at this bottle of water, I can see everything clearly through it, it is strange that the water doesn’t have a colour….actually it makes perfect sense, water is the life fluid, you can live, as scientists say with out food for over 15 days but you can’t live without water for more than 5 days.

It is amazing that this life-giving liquid is colourless, is it because when you see through it you see what’s inside and also what’s behind the glass you are holding?

It gives you a sense of honesty and transparency as if you are part of the game and nothing is hidden away from you.

When I try to describe the smell and the taste of the water, its smell and taste is so unique and nothing ever tastes or smells like it and yet there is no word or adjective that describes it.

What does the water smells like? Hmmmm water, what does the water smells like? Hmmm water the answer would be of course because this heavenly sent liquid is indescribable.

The effect of the water sound on me is strange as well, few months ago I had a horrible feeling of anger and rage, I was so upset at nothing and everything at the same time. I felt that I couldn’t breath, I felt that I’m having panic attack.

I ran and kept running until I reached a cold old bench right beside the river, as I moved closer to the river bank, the soothing sound of the water calmed me down, I cried, I spoke to the river and he spoke to me. I heard the waves promising me that they will scare away all my sadness and the water told me that it will wash away my fears.

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  1. yes you are right please never post again I really disliked this poem .....