Uncomfortable Bed

Write another 100 words on the bed you currently occupy, what’s in it, what surrounds it, what you do in it, etc. we spend one third of our lives in bed but no one seems to write about it!

On my first day in London, after I got off the plane, the taste of Cairo was still in my lips. The new city welcomed me with cold weather and pouring rain. I entered my bedroom and all I could think of was how what might people call big you consider it small and the other way around.

When I saw my bed that was bought by my in laws, I just didn’t feel right, I thought to my self ‘if this is where my husband sleeps then where would I sleep?’ my bed in Egypt was double this size and I used to sleep on it on my own.

The first night in London was very difficult for me to sleep because I was worried I might fall from the bed.

Few months later I started to use few techniques to overcome the problem of the bed size, I pushed the bed beside the wall so I would not fall and also I would put a blanket under the bed cover to make the size of the mattress from both sides a bet bigger.

Sometimes I wish I can just sleep on the floor and not be on this uncomfortable bed which freezes in winter and makes you sweaty and itchy in the hot weather.

We had a new sofa bed after that and since then I use every opportunity I can to sleep on it and I keep on promising my self every month that we’ll get a new bed and I wouldn’t have to suffer with this uncomfortable bed any more.

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