A Story of A Mat

Try the following exercise, which will mimic the process pf note-making and the establishing of connections.

First choose an object of some kind and place it in front of you. It can be the blue vase you bought in Greece, full of Greek sea and sky or something as simple as an item of clothing.

Once you have the object, describe it in as close detail as possible, including the five senses without forcing it.

The Mat

It sets there all the time, doesn’t have a choice where to be or where to go. It has to be there for a reason, a reason it has not chosen.

What can it do? It’s just wants to run away from all the hundred feet that step on her, its just a door mat and that’s the way it is. The smell of different shoes and different feet, the agony of people leaving and not coming back to her warmth again leaves it torn inside.

The taste of humiliation when it is handled as if it is nothing, as if it is just a piece to complete the furniture and make the house looks neat and tidy makes it want to shrink and not provide the people with its services, but it feels all worth it when the mat feels an appreciating wet shoes running from the rain outside and a cold freezing foot resting on the softness of the its surface.

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